Alexis and Jeff’s engagement photos at Dana Point Harbor

It’s winter time here in California, I’m not complaining, I’m bragging.  It was a warm 82 degrees today.  It does not feel much like winter, although It did drizzle a little bit yesterday.  Today was a new day.  The sun was out in full force, the birds were chirping,  the butterflies floating, and  the laughter of children could be heard all around.  Just another typical Southern California day.  It was a perfect day for Alexis and Jeff’s engagement photo session at Dana Point Harbor.

The last time I was out in Dana Point was a very  long time ago.  I was a sixth grader, we went on a field trip to Dana Point and Corona Del Mar.   I was happy to hear that Alexis and Jeff had selected Dana Point for their engagement session.   It was good to be back after some 20+ years.

I had an amazing time with Alexis and Jeff today,  you can tell that Jeff is head over heals in love with his fiancé Alexis.  It’s pretty evident from the photos I captured of them.  Honestly they are both smitten!  Check it out for yourself!   Enjoy!

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