Meet Gonzalo Diaz

Gonzalo Diaz

Owner and Principal Photographer

“G’d Up Photo are not only professional, but serious about what they do. Gonzalo, the owner, is very detail oriented and has an “eye” that will impress even the harshest critic. He anticipates things before they happen and is prepared for just about anything the day of your event”

Gonzalo is just that. Very detail oriented.  He strives to capture the essence of the moment using his camera and his keen eye for detail, and it shows in his photography.  His Graphic Design background in Marketing helps him create and conceptualize new, fresh and innovative ideas.  His personality resonates while he’s out on the job.  He’s good at what he does, and he can make you feel at ease while he’s behind the camera.

His start in photography began at an early age,  his parents always asked him to photograph and video tape  family events and functions.   However his discovery for the love of photography began while working at a Los Angeles based Real Estate company, where he managed the marketing department.  Having to learn how to photograph Real Estate Properties for Sale, he quickly grew fond of photography and it’s creativity.

His start in Wedding Photography began when a Realtor, from the Real Estate company he worked for asked if he would Photograph her wedding.  It was a private and intimate wedding. However,  they were so surprised with the results, the quality of the photographs were impeccable,  he captured candid moments, and wowed them with his attention to detail.  She urged him to pursue wedding photography.  With 10+ years now behind the camera, his photography skill continues to grow.  If you’re interested in Wedding or Event Photography feel free to reach Gonzalo at (562) 964-8413 or you can Email him by selecting Contact up above.

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