Cindy’s Quinceañera at the Imperial Palace in Pasadena

Had an amazing time capturing Cindy’s big 15th birthday celebration at Imperial Palace in Pasadena.

We started at Cindy’s home in Norwalk, It was a full house!   I still managed to get some amazing getting ready photos of her and her family.

The mass was held at St. John of God also located in Norwalk.  We then did formal photos at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center.  Reception was held at the magnificent Imperial Palace in Pasadena.   Here are some of the images I captured throughout the day.  The Martinez family know’s how to throw a great party.  Congratulations Cindy, Hope you enjoy the photos.

If you are interested in finding a Quinceanera photographer in the Los Angeles / San Diego area feel free to contact G’d Up Photo the best photographic experience.   (562) 964-8413


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