Krista and Jonathan’s Penn Park Wedding

Back in May I photographed my cousin Krista and her fiancé Johnathan’s engagement session out in Montclair. It seems like it was just yesterday and well,  the big day finally arrived this past weekend.  One thing our family knows how to do is party.  We all had so much fun  partying and dancing the night away.

The ceremony was just perfect for a mid summer’s day.   The ceremony was held at City of Whittier’s Penn Park just up on the hill by the circular Rose Garden.  shortly after the ceremony we did formal portraits just down the hill and  from there we took a hop, skip and a jump to get to the reception at the Heinz residence.   Everything was just beautifully decorated and designed by Alice , Krista’s mother, with some help from friends and family of course.    Here are some images I captured for Jonathan and Krista’s big celebration.  I had so much fun capturing your big day.  Hope you guys enjoy the images.

If you like the images and you’re recently engaged-  feel free to contact me at (562) 964-8413. Y66A3977 Y66A4002 Y66A4013 Y66A4042 Y66A4065 Y66A4072 Y66A4083 Y66A4094 Y66A4107 Y66A4122 Y66A4135 Y66A4147 Y66A4152 Y66A4157 Y66A4198 Y66A4206-2 Y66A4227 Y66A4235 Y66A4246 Y66A4253 Y66A4267 Y66A4294 Y66A4314 Y66A4315 Y66A4318 Y66A4334 Y66A4366 Y66A4376 Y66A4381 Y66A4388 Y66A4394 Y66A4415 Y66A4433 Y66A4454 Y66A4464 Y66A4484 Y66A4498 Y66A4511 Y66A4520 Y66A4565 Y66A4570 Y66A4575 Y66A4600 Y66A4627 Y66A4638 Y66A4655 Y66A4666 Y66A4669 Y66A4678 Y66A4687 Y66A4699 Y66A4704 Y66A4716 Y66A4719 Y66A4725 Y66A4775 Y66A4786 Y66A4804 Y66A4870 Y66A4876 Y66A4984 Y66A5009 Y66A5025 Y66A5038 Y66A5040 Y66A5056 Y66A5058 Y66A5067 Y66A5079 Y66A5088 Y66A5118 Y66A5136 Y66A5142 Y66A5159 Y66A5184 Y66A5216 Y66A5235 Y66A5245 Y66A5248 Y66A5255 Y66A5381 Y66A5395 Y66A5498 Y66A5549 Y66A5616 Y66A5630 Y66A5647 Y66A5660 Y66A5680 Y66A5766 Y66A5836 Y66A5853 Y66A5864 Y66A5986 Y66A6215 Y66A6264 Y66A6293 Y66A6375 Y66A6387

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