Grace and Abraham’s Serendipity Garden Wedding – Oak Glenn

They were hoping it would snow,  that’s normally would happens with 32 degree weather and a huge storm,  unfortunately for them that snow never came,  however Grace and Abraham still managed to have a beautiful wedding.   We were literally in the clouds, surrounded by a heavy mist and a light drizzle for most of the day and evening, the setting was just perfect.

With a break in the weather Grace and Abraham decided to hold the ceremony outdoors with nothing but the sky above us.  It had stopped raining, so all the friends and family gathered on the lawn in the terrace below.  Everyone grabbed an umbrella and hoped for the best.    Alas, everybody had managed to make it down the the ceremony, only  two people were left, Grace,  (the bride), and her father.  As the horse drawn carriage commenced down the misty sloped runway,  a light drizzle prompted everyone to open their umbrellas.  As the father and the bride approached, the mist remained constant,  It was inevitable.  The drizzle would run the course of the ceremony, it created a nice angelic setting,  the sky was a pure white,  It was just spectacular.

Here are some of the photos I captured of Grace and Abraham’s beautiful wedding at Serendipity Garden weddings in Oak Glenn, California.

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