Referrals are the bread and butter of my business.  It’s friends and family that continually bring people to me who need help with some sort of  photography.  I’m super grateful in having my friends and family recommend me to their friends and family.  It truly is a blessing to have people allow me to enter their lives and capture a tiny piece of there puzzle we call life.  Adriana was one of these referrals Im referring to.  She was  referred to me by Isabel and Humberto Saenz of Saenz Entertainment.  It’s always great when your peers and  vendors you’ve worked with in the past send you people who need help with photography.  Thank you friends and family for bringing these people to me.

Adriana’s Quinceanera took place on a beautiful day in the Fall.  You wouldn’t know it was fall based on the 89 degree weather and the vibrant pictures I captured on her big celebration.  The mass took place at St. Martha Parish located in Huntington Park, California.  The Church had beautiful light that allowed me to capture some crisp and bright images.  The reception took place at a nice big hall,  the Armenian Center in Montebello.  We took formal portraits at Acuna Park also located in Montebello.   Here are a small number of photos from Adriana’s big 15!

If you are having a quinceañera, are recently engaged or you’re getting married, feel free to contact us so that we too can capture your moments.  Call us at (562) 964-8413.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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