The Wedding of Andrea and Shane

Wow! What a great time we had capturing Andrea and Shane’s big Wedding.  It all started with both the groomsmen and bridesmaids getting ready at the Double Tree Hotel in Anaheim.  What a great group to capture.  Everyone was excited and happy for Andrea and Shane’s big wedding day.  You could feel the love in both rooms.

Once the wedding party, the bride and the groom were done getting ready we headed to the Ceremony at St. Johns Lutheran Church in  Orange, California. What an extravagant church.  Amazing Stained Glass Windows!!! You will see how beautiful everything turned out!    After capturing the bridal party photos and the bride and groom portraits at Pitcher Park, we jumped on a party bus and made our way back to the Double Tree Hotel to Celebrate Andrea and Shane’s Wedding Day.  What a party!  Congratulations Andrea and Shane.  We loved capturing your moments.

Thanks for choosing G’d Up Photography. Feel free to comment or contact us for more information.  Enjoy the photos, because we loved capturing those moments!

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andreashane-56 andreashane-57 andreashane-58 andreashane-65 andreashane-66 andreashane-67 andreashane-68 andreashane-69 andreashane-70 andreashane-71 andreashane-72 andreashane-73 andreashane-74 andreashane-75 andreashane-76 andreashane-78 andreashane-79 andreashane-80 andreashane-81 andreashane-82 andreashane-83 andreashane-84 andreashane-85

andreashane-86 andreashane-87 andreashane-88 andreashane-89 andreashane-90 andreashane-91 andreashane-92 andreashane-93 andreashane-94 andreashane-95 andreashane-96 andreashane-97 andreashane-98 andreashane-99 andreashane-102andreashane-100 andreashane-101 andreashane-103 andreashane-104 andreashane-105 andreashane-106 andreashane-107 andreashane-108


andreashane-109 andreashane-110 andreashane-111 andreashane-112 andreashane-113 andreashane-114 andreashane-115 andreashane-116 andreashane-117 andreashane-118 andreashane-119 andreashane-120 andreashane-121 andreashane-122





andreashane-126 andreashane-127 andreashane-128 andreashane-129 andreashane-130 andreashane-131 andreashane-132 andreashane-133 andreashane-134 andreashane-135 andreashane-136 andreashane-137 andreashane-139

andreashane-138 andreashane-140 andreashane-141 andreashane-142 andreashane-143 andreashane-144 andreashane-145 andreashane-146 andreashane-147


andreashane-151 andreashane-152 andreashane-154 andreashane-155 andreashane-156 andreashane-157 andreashane-159 andreashane-160 andreashane-161 andreashane-162 andreashane-163


andreashane-164 andreashane-165 andreashane-166 andreashane-167 andreashane-168 andreashane-169 andreashane-170 andreashane-171 andreashane-172 andreashane-174 andreashane-175 andreashane-176 andreashane-177 andreashane-178 andreashane-179 andreashane-180


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  1. It was an awesome wedding!!

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